Lucy Liu Kitchen & Bar is a Pan-Asian eating & drinking space designed to cater for people wanting shared plates and cool drinks in a buzzing, stylish and fun street food environment.

The cobblestoned laneway entrance at 23 Oliver Lane in Melbourne CBD is a dramatic, red neon-lit hallway inviting you into an architecturally stunning restaurant setting.

The Lucy Liu name came out of a research in Shanghai in 2013. In an alley, the team saw an old Chinese stone carver making stone stamps. Being asked what they wanted carved into the stamp, Michael Lambie's immediate response were the words ‘Lucy Liu’.

After it was carved and the first stamp pressed, that was it, they had the restaurant name and a logo all in one.

The menu takes inspiration from all over the Asian region. A strong influence from Thailand and Vietnam with touches borrowed from Cantonese and as far as Japan and Korea.

Along with a great young team of up and coming professionals, owners; Michael Lambie, George Sykiotis, Zac Cribbes and Scott Borg have created a fun, fast paced, energetic and exciting addition to the Melbourne restaurant scene.

The food is designed to be bold and enticing. Hits of hot, sour, salty and sweet abound, there is nothing subtle about Lucy Liu’s, that’s for sure!



Please note that all booking(s) after 3pm are allocated a 1 hour and 45min seating time.

If it is a Friday or Saturday and you wish to book for this evening please call the restaurant on (03) 9639 5777.

For groups of 8 and above, or if your preferred time is not available online, please call the restaurant on (03) 9639 5777