It’s incredibly hard to believe that ten years ago today, whilst were madly slicing kingfish and prepping drunken chickens to get the doors open for the very first time, that ten years later we would still be here still prepping those chickens and spooning Nam jim on that kingfish. And perhaps even more unbelievably, that so many of our staff from that first mad rush are still with us today!

I’m incredibly proud of all we have achieved, and, in a city with so many great restaurants I also feel incredibly lucky that we have been able to continue to do what we love for all these years, and hopefully add something to this great food city.  

To the hundreds of staff who have worked for us, whether for a short time or multiple years, Thank you. But mostly though we are so thankful to YOU, our customers, for whatever reason we managed to create something that spoke to you in some way, and you have blessed us with your continued custom and loyalty through all these years so thank you so so much.

Here’s to another ten,
Cheers, Zac.